Frequently asked questions about sizes and size charts.:

How many international size systems are there?
It depends on the clothing item – for example, there are at least eight different systems internationally just for women’s dresses, coats and blouses, and six different systems for men’s and women’s shoe sizes. It might seem tricky at first, but with our easy-to-use guides we have made it simple to take your measurements and find the right size before you make your purchase.

How can I be sure what my size is in a certain brand?
The size charts on Sizeguide.net are based on international and national size standards. Some brands’ sizes differ from these standards, which means it can at times be difficult to find a perfect fit when shopping online. However, our guides give you a good estimate.

Why isn’t there an international size system for all clothing items?
Today’s size systems were developed in different countries and at different times, some going back several centuries. Over the years some countries have decided to create common size systems, but only for certain items, such as kid’s European shoe sizes. Initiatives to create a global system for all clothing items have, so far, been unsuccessful.