Children’s hat sizes

Use this chart to find the right size for kids’ hats.

Children’s hat size chart

Hat sizes for babies and children are measured in either centimeters or inches. Here is a guide to the approximate size, based on the child’s age.

Age Inches Centimeters
Newborn 13.5 34
3 months 16 41
6 months 17 43
12 months 18 46
2 years 19 48
3-5 years 20 51
6-10 years 21 53
Adult small 22 56

You can also measure the child’s hat size directly. Wrap a tape measure around the head just above the ears and at the center of the forehead. The tape should fit comfortably – not too tight. Round up to the nearest size. You can also use a piece of string, and then measure it with a normal ruler.

This chart is for boys and girls – look here for adult hat sizes.